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Selling or Disposing of your Beacon

How to change or transfer ownership of a 406 MHz beacon

Beacon owner responsibilities when selling a vehicle, vessel or aircraft with a 406 MHz beacon installed

Correct disposal of beacons

It is the beacon owner's responsibility to ensure that the beacon ownership is transferred correctly.

Owners are asked to notify RCCNZ if they sell their distress beacon or it is lost, stolen or destroyed. 

If RCCNZ is not notified, and the new owner activates the beacon, any rescue will be delayed as the last known registered owner will be contacted.  Notification of sold, lost, stolen or destroyed distress beacons can be made by fax, phone, post or email.

Send details of the original beacon registration, or any information that you still have currently available from the beacon along with the registered owners details and any message about where the beacon is or what has happened to it.


Beacon owner responsiblities when selling a vessel, vehicle or aircraft

It is the beacon owner's responsibility to ensure that the beacon ownership is transferred correctly.

  • Inform the Rescue Co-ordination Centre New Zealand of the sale of the distress beacon and that it is no longer in your possession.
  • Inform the new owner of their responsibility to register the beacon with the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand.


Correct disposal of a 406MHz beacon

It is the beacon owner's responsibility to ensure that the beacon is disposed of in a correct manner.

How do you dispose of old distress beacons?

Old or obsolete beacons need to be disposed of carefully, to ensure they are not set off by accident.  Do not just throw them away, as a lot of time and money has been spent on search operations to dig beacons out of rubbish tips.

The battery needs to be disconnected and the beacon disposed of according to local regulations, as many beacons contain hazardous materials. Contact your local beacon retailer, or police station, to arrange appropriate disposal of old, unwanted distress beacons.
Alternatively, these can be taken to one of Lusty & Blundell's branches in, Auckland, Whangarei or Mount Maunganui

If you sell or dispose of a registered 406 MHz distress beacon, please let RCCNZ know by phoning 0800 406 111.

For more information about disposing of your unwanted distress beacon, please contact RCCNZ using the details provided on the contact us page.

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