Registered a beacon before 25 February 2021?

If you have already registered one or more beacons with us before we upgraded our website on 25 February 2021, you still need to create an account to be able to access and maintain your registration details.

  • Your existing beacon information is already on our system.
  • Creating an account will allow you to connect to this information and enable you to modify and add more beacon registrations.
  • Some existing registrations may require you to re-enter some contact information when you are creating your account.

Before creating your account:

  • Use the email address you would have used when you registered or last updated your beacon.
    If you have forgotten or are no longer using this email address, please contact us on 0800 406 111.
  • Have your distress contact details handy just in case you have to enter these again.

Create your account now