Beacons purchased overseas

If you have a beacon that was purchased overseas, it most likely will not be country coded to New Zealand so will not be able to be registered with Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand.

You can register the beacon with the Rescue Coordination Centre of the country that it is coded to e.g AMSA for Australian coded beacons etc, but some may not accept it as you do not reside in that country.

To be able to register your beacon with us you will have to get it re-coded to a New Zealand code.

The service agents who can do this are:


GME Auckland

09 274 0955

McMurdo / Orolia

Absolute Marine

09 273 9273

Kannad / McMurdo / Orolia

Aviation Safety

07 543 0075

ACR / Artex

Wilco Marine Services

09 308 9165

Ocean Signal

Lusty & Blundell

09 415 8303


KTI Australia


Visiting New Zealand

You are able to use your foreign coded beacon while visiting New Zealand. Please ensure your beacon is registered in your country of origin and that your distress contacts are aware of your trip intentions here in New Zealand.